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Meet Our Residents

Many horses have come to EI over the years and many have been adopted by families to new forever homes. Some have been with EI since their retirement. We'd like you to meet our current exceptional residents.



Name: Fort Astoria “Astoria”

Age: 2/19/1998

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Astoria was our first Thoroughbred rescue that sparked the transition to help more Thoroughbreds. Glenda, our late founder, rescued Astoria in 2004 where he was found in a 10x10 dirt pit and extremely underweight. After a lot of rehabilitation, we learned he is a great great grandson to the legendary Secretariat. Astoria spent his prime giving lessons to many children along side his buddy, Lucky. In his older years, he now spends his days eating soaked alfalfa cubes and enjoys being groomed daily. 



Name: Christopher’s Image “Image”

Age: 4/13/2007

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Image originally came to EI in 2013 after retiring off the track due to osselets in both front ankles. Image was adopted out and began a career in basic dressage. While at one of the private stables, he had the opportunity to be used in a lesson with the legendary John Cena! Image’s quiet, forgiving demeanor under saddle gave Cena the confidence to learn the basics as he was gearing up for a movie involving riding a horse. Image was ultimately returned to EI due to no fault of his own. Image’s favorite snack is soaked alfalfa cubes! 

jj handsome.jpg


Name: Jules Jewel “JJ”

Age: 2/23/1999

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: JJ came to EI in 2010 from another organization, TROT. JJ is considered a warhorse given his racing career of 101 starts. After his long racing career, he was briefly used as a pony horse. After settling in at EI, he gave many young children their first ride on a horse. As he aged, we phased him out of being a lesson horse and he became quite fond of his grooming sessions and daily photo shoots with one of our volunteers. We call him the babysitter as he tends to buddy up with one horse in the herd and take care of them. 



Name: Knight

Age: 5/2/2014

Breed: Arabian 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Knight was brought to EI in 2014 when he was 8 months old. Originally bred to become a halter horse, he did not come out confirmationally suited for that. His breeders responsibly offered him to us to have a different career. Glenda’s first Arabian stallion was Hawk Hill Knight, a spitting image of our 2014 Knight. Knight is known for being the vocal one in barn, always ready for his meals.



Name: Churchill's Victory

Age: 3/1/16

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Rehabilitation


History: Winston retired from racing due to sustaining a bowed tendon on his left hind leg. He has now been cleared for the turn out part of his rehabilitation and will have an updated ultrasound completed soon.  This guy will have will be suitable for flatwork/pleasure riding once cleared.

lucky 2.jpg


Name: Lucky

Age: 1/1/1995

Breed: Appaloosa 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Lucky originally came to EI in a boarding capacity until his owner passed away and wished for Lucky to live out his remaining days with us. Lucky has been part of EI since 2004. He is our first go to when teaching new volunteers the way around a horse. He has a very inquisitive personality and keeps us on our toes. We have to make sure each gate is double latched as he tends to have other plans to let all of his friends out and get into mischief.  



Name: Tally Man "Tally"

Age: 3/11/2008

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Tally has been part of Equestrian Inc since 2010 after coming from another organization, TROT. Tally sustained a bowed tendon during his two year old year of training. After a year of rehabilitation, Tally began retraining and became the “spokeshorse” for EI at horse shows. Now he spends his days teaching new volunteers how to be groomed, lunged etc. His very sweet personality has made him a barn favorite.



Name: Victoria

Age: 5/1/2000

Breed: Arabian 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Victoria has been part of Equestrian Inc since 2002. It took Victoria a very long time to eventually become comfortable with those who worked with her. In her older years we refer to her as the “Queen” as all of the other horses developed an unwritten respect for her in the pasture. Her closest buddy is Tally; she cannot be out of his sight. 



Name: Archibald "Archie"

Age: 1/1/2011

Breed: Miniature Donkey 

Residence Status: Sanctuary


History: Archie came to EI on Christmas Day in 2018. Archie was pulled from an auction in Northern Florida where he was basically feral. After settling in at EI, he was gelded and paired with one of our senior horses at the time. Within a couple of weeks, Archie quickly grew to become comfortable with the herd and now resides with Victoria every night. He has definitely earned the title of “Mayor of the Barn.”

Name: How Surprising


Breed: Thoroughbred 

Residence Status: Rehabilitation


History: Howie retired from racing due to sustaining a curb on his left hock. Unfortunately, his x-rays show severe arthritis in the hock. He has now been cleared for the turn out part of his rehabilitation as we wait for things to fuse together so he can live out his days as a companion horse.

Sponsor a Friend

All of our residents are very special. If you would like to help with their individual needs we invite you to sponsor a friend. We can let you know the needs of each horse and if you would like to donate to help see to those needs, that would make you very special to us and your horse as well.

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