Rizzy aka Mocha Rizma

Breed: Thoroughbred
Foaled: January 13, 2016
Color: Bay
Height: 16.1 hands

Bio coming soon!

Rowdy “Rowdy Runner”

Breed: Thoroughbred
Foaled: January 23, 1988
Color: Dark bay
Height: 16 hands

Status: sanctuary horse

Rowdy had 13 starts but never came into the money. He has the famous Bull Lea, Nasrullah and Count Fleet in his lineage. After his racing career ended he worked as a pony horse for over 20 years and we received him from Tampa Bay Downs. A pony horse is the one who leads the racehorse to the gate. Usually they are Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. He still enjoys running in the pastures in his retirement (he’s not convinced of his age)! Rowdy is a polite pasture mate and teaches the younger ones the proper pasture etiquette. 

Astoria aka Fort Astoria

Breed: Thoroughbred
Foaled: February 19, 1998
Color: Bay
Height: 16h

Astoria came to Equestrian Inc in 2005. He was found starved in a very small dirt pen. Our founder, Glenda Smith rescued him and nourished him back to health and used him in our lesson program with kids. Finding out much later, we learned that he is the great grandson to the magnificent Secretariat (Dehere – Astoria (ARG) by, Logical). He spends his days swimming and playing with his best friend Lucky, our Appaloosa.


Breed: Arabian
Age:  (foaled May 2000)
Color: Gray
Height: 15.1h

Victoria has been with us since 2001. She is a very independent, beautiful mare that loves her time with the geldings. She is a sanctuary horse and will remain with Equestrian Inc indefinitely.

Whitney a/k/a Whitney’s Reality

Breed: Thoroughbred
Foaled: January 5, 2000
Color: Bay
Height: 16.2h

Whitney came to Equestrian Inc along with several others from North Florida. Whitney and the other horses were on a farm where the owner passed away and consequently not properly taken care of. Other horses were euthanized as a result. We learned that she was a broodmare for most of her life, so now she spends her days grazing in the pasture. She also has two bilateral bowed tendons on her front legs which have kept her from being able to be ridden. Whitney now lives in front shoes to help maintain a healthy hoof. She would make a lovely companion horse for someone special!


Tally a/k/a Tally Man

Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: Foaled March 2008
Color: Bay
Height: 16.3

Tally came to Equestrian Inc in 2011 from TROT. He sustained a bowed tendon while in training and never made it to the races. It wasn’t career ending, so he is our spokes-horse and goes to shows to expand our name. He is a giant teddy-bear who loves attention. He also has typical thoroughbred feet and wears shoes to keep in proper condition. He is a sanctuary horse at Equestrian Inc. indefinitely.


Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Gelding
Foaled: February 1995
Color: Chestnut 
Height: 15.3 hands

Lucky is our snowflake Appaloosa sweet heart. He’s been with us since 2008 after being rescued by a private citizen from a neglectful situation. Lucky was one of the kind spirited horses who gave children lots of enjoyment riding him. Now in his senior years he and Astoria spend a lot of time together swimming and getting into all sorts of mischief. We’re happy to see he still has spunk. He’s an easy going boy in his retirement.