“A horse in need, deserves you indeed!”

To love a horse is pure bliss, but owning one is not always possible for everyone, nor is it possible for every horse to leave the care of the rescue. Sponsorship is a safe, very affordable way to show your love to a horse in need without having the responsibility and worries of ownership. Whether you are near or far from us, sponsorship may be the option for you! Your contributions help ensure that one of our horses gets what they need.


Multiple sponsors per horse are allowed and there is no obligation. Once you decide which horse you’d like to sponsor you can send the monthly donation via check our PayPal. On the check simply note which horse you want to sponsor or in PayPal note on the memo line the name of your chosen horse.
The amount you want to donate is up to you. Every penny counts when it comes to helping our horses. When you have chosen “your horse” give us a call and we will be happy to introduce you to him or her. You will always be welcome to visit with “your horse.”
Our sanctuary horses are especially in need of a sponsor. They often have health problems that are costly and the extra you could provide for their care will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail horserescue@equestrianinc.org for an application. Thank you, for being an angel to our horses!

Sponsor a Horse


The “Gold” level covers hoof trimming, treats as permissible, and supplements for one of our horses in need. Click below to get started or you can mail a monthly check if you prefer!


The “Silver” level covers 3 bales of hay and 2 bags of grain. Click below to get started or you can mail a monthly check if you prefer!


The “Bronze” level covers hoof trims for one of our horses. Click below to get started or you can mail a monthly check if you prefer!

Just $125/mo

Just $75/mo

Just $50/mo