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Glenda Smith

Glenda Smith

Glenda Smith, was a Tampa native, had been a lifelong Equestrian enthusiast, being introduced to horses and riding at the age of 5 with Instructor, Lois Tack at the Davis Island Yacht Club. Following a lengthy and successful career in Tennis, Glenda decided to return to her true love – horses – under the mentorship of the late Mr. Don Smeltzer. Glenda began her return to horses with a single season of racing “the horse who started it all,” and the Equestrian love of her life – her Arabian Stallion “Hawk Hill Knight.” Knight raced both at Tampa Bay Downs and in Delaware for just 1 season then retired him. From that time she found an affinity for the Thoroughbred.

Knight was bred to several mares. With this, Glenda learned of the plight of the Arabian breed, who promptly stopped breeding and turned all of her focus to rescuing. Her first farm was purchased in 1978 in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, founded with an open gate heart, and open arms to all horse breeds in need of sanctuary. In 1987, Glenda relocated her farm to it’s present location on Timberlan St. in Tampa, Florida. The farm has operated under different names until 2009 when, due to the expenses involved with rescuing and rehabilitative work and in order to help even more horses, Smith decided to incorporate forming the 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, Equestrian Inc.

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