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Horses 101: Resources for Rescue Groups and Horse Advocates

Because of the high number of unwanted horses currently in America, Equestrian Inc. has created a web-based portal dedicated to serving as a clearinghouse of specific print and online sources including library and Internet based resources to 1) educate potential horse owners, including those who might adopt, sponsor or foster a horse about horse ownership and 2) provide access to resources for those managing rescue groups and sanctuaries to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses.

If you have a resource that you think would benefit other horse owners and/or horse rescuers please send it to and we will add it to our list.



At the center of the problem is the need for solutions before a horse is acquired.  Current and potential horse owners need to understand what horse ownership entails throughout a horse’s life span. Equestrian Inc. along with other equine rescue groups, associations, and councils can assist with this by helping to educate the public on the responsibility of horse ownership.
The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Give A Horse a Second Chance: Adopting and Caring for Rescue Horses
J.R. Wise

How to Care for a Rescue Horse (2012)
Dr. J. Nyland

Learning to Care for a Horse (2011)
Felicia Lowenstein Niven
Call No. J 636.1 NIVEN
Juvenile Literature

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (2008)
Thomas Gore, DVM, Paula Gore, and James M. Giffin, MD

Hands-On Senior Horse Care: The Complete Book of Senior Equine Management and First Aid (2001)
Karen E. N. Hayes DVM MS and Sue M. Copeland

Equine Emergencies: Treatment and Procedures, Third Ed. (2007)
James A. Orsini and Thomas J. Divers


Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (2009)
Rebecca Gimenez, Tomas Gimenez and Kimberly Anne May

Dr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses (2005)
Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The Comprehensive Guide to Equine Veterinary Medicine (2007)
Barb Crabbe, DVM and Kip Carter, MS CMI

Horse and Horse Inforrmation
RESOURCES TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO MANAGE YOUR RESCUE GROUP OR SANCTUARY: Managing a horse rescue or sanctuary takes a lot of commitment, resources and funding. Here are some resources to help guide your way.

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue
Rebecca Gimenez, Tomas Gimenez and Kimberly Anne May

AAEP Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities
Developed by the AAEP Equine Welfare Committee

How to Start and Run a Rescue (2007)
Jennifer Williams, Ph.D.
Summary:  A how to guide on starting and managing an animal rescue including running a non-profit, developing policies, fundraising, and PR.  Book is based on author’s experience of running a horse rescue.

Funds to the Rescue : 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups
Susan C. Daffron

"The Unwanted Horse Coalition’s 2009 Survey"

"Equine Sanctuary & Rescue Facility Guidelines"
published by the Center for Equine Health, School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis,

"The Care and Feeding of the Starved Horse"

Resources for Non-profit Organizations

Internet Hay Exchange

Network for Good

Henneke Chart

Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center

Laminitis Advice

American Horse Council



The Black Stallion (2011) [electronic resource] / Walter Farley.
Electronic Book (downloadable from Hillsborough County Library System)

Call the Horse Lucky (2010)
Juanita Havill
Hillsborough County Library System
Easy Fiction
Summary: Story of a girl who rescues a horse while visiting her grandmother and the bonding that occurs between the girl and the horse.

Dark Horse (Starlight Animal Rescue) (2009)
Dandi Daley Mackall
Summary:  Story of how young people work together to try and save Starlight Animal Rescue (an animal rescue ranch).


Desert  Rescue (2010)
Sharon Siamon
Hillsborough County Library System
Juvenile Fiction

Dream of Night (2010)
Heather Henson
Hillsborough County Library System
Juvenile Fiction
J FIC Henson
Summary: Story of a foster child and abused racehorse and a woman who cares for  them.

Ghetto Cowboy 2011
Greg Neri
Illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson
Available in electronic, audio, and print formats
Electronic Book (downloadable from Hillsborough County Library System)
Print Call No. J FIC NERI
Summary: A 12 year old boy’s mother takes him to live with his father and he becomes involved with cowboys who rescue horses and work with them to help troubled youths.

Horse Crazy 3: The Sea Rescue (2009)
Alison Lester
Summary:  Children on summer vacation take care of some horses and become involved in solving a mystery and catching abalone poachers.

Matty and the Racehorse Rescue (Matty Horse and Pony Adventures) –(2012)
Jane Ayres
Janet M. Whyte

Hillsborough County Library System
Young Adult Paperbacks
Summary: Thirteen-year-old April adopts a horse she rescued from an overturned trailer on the highway, in the hopes of overcoming a fear of horses that began after a filly accidentally killed her parents.

Runaway (Starlight Animal Rescue) (2008)
Dandi Daley Mackall
Summary: Story of a young girl who moves in with a foster family on their horse rescue ranch and how “Blackfire” helps her to feel like she’s finally home.

Running With the Horses (2011)
Alison Lester
Story is inspired by the rescue of the Lipizzaner stallions from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna during World War II.
Call No. E FIC Lester



We’ll Have the Summer (2011)
Dutch Henry
Summary:  A couple’s last summer together brings a troubled teenage girl and an injured horse into their lives and gives them a chance to share their love of life.

Wild Horses (2011)
Linda Byler
Hillsborough County Library System

Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love, and Hope (2008)Frank Weller
Summary: Story of mares who are rescued after being used for supplying estrogen for hormone replacement therapy.


The Horses of Proud Spirit (2003)Melanie Sue Bowles

Nobody’s Horses: The Dramatic Rescue of the Wild Herd of White Sands (2008)
Don Hoglund
Summary: Story of a veterinarian’s (author) work to save thousands of horses located in a military weapons-testing site and their struggles with food shortages and droughts.

The Rescue of Belle and Sundance : One Town's Incredible Race to Save Two Abandoned Horses (2012, c2010)
Birgit Stutz and Lawrence Scanlon.

Hillsborough County Library System
Call No. 636.1009 STUTZ

Rescued by a Horse: True Stories of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing Inspirational True Stories of Physical Emotional, and Spiritual Healing (2010)
Cheryl Dudley
Summary: 24 true accounts of horses that rescued people. 

Where the Blind Horse Sings: Love and Healing at an Animal Sanctuary (2009)
Kathy Stevens
Summary:  How Kathy Stevens turned a rundown farm into a sanctuary for abused animals and has saved 1,100 lives since the sanctuary was established in 2001.

Police (2011)
Jim Mezzanotte
Hillsborough County Library System
Juvenile Nonfiction
Call No. J 363.2
Summary: Describes the use of animals, including horses, in the field of law enforcement.

Heartland. The Complete First Season
Directed by Ron Murphy
Hillsborough County Library System
Juvenile Films
Call No. DVD 791.45 Heartlan
Summary: Fictional story of a family ranch that is devoted to recusing and caring for horses.

Whole Heart, Whole horse : Building Trust between Horse and Rider (2009)
Mark Rashid
Hillsborough County Library System
Nonfiction Adult
636.1 RASHID
Summary: Explores why horses exhibit unwanted behaviors and offers tips for working with them.

Supported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association

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